Target Zones: Training the Glutes

When training the glutes, particular focus needs to be paid to two muscles. The Gluteus Maximus and the gluteus medius. The glute max is the bigger of the two muscles and is the one to focus on if you are looking to “lift” the area. The glute max is active in a wide variety of leg exercises and emphasis needs to be placed on it in order to work out the muscle. Lunges are great for the glutes if you take a long step and drive up through your heels. Squats can also get good but make sure to focus on engaging, or squeezing, the muscle. If the goal is to isolate the muscle, any movement in which you extend your leg back will work. It’s just important to make sure That there is enough resistance. It’s very large muscle so it’s important to do multiple exercises in order to reach your goals effectively.
The gluteus medius is the second part of this equation. While the glute max is on the backside, the glute med is on the sides. This muscle is important to work especially as a way of filling out the area. Movements that work this muscle are ones which produce abduction or extension of the leg to the side. The abduction machine is good for
this purpose as well as side lying leg raises. Also, a great way to work the muscle is if you tie elastic bands around the ankles and extend to the side.
I hope you have enjoyed this weeks entry, next week will be biceps.


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