What kinds of people do you work with? A list of the kinds of clients and goals that I have worked with include; general fitness; elite athletes; geriatric clients; flexibility; posture realignment; bodybuilders; kids; weight loss; marathon training; post rehab; pre and post natal; boot camp training; low back disorders; among many other cases.

Where do the workouts take place? I am very versatile with my skills and so I can train almost anywhere. Most of my clients work out in their homes. If that is not an option, Parks are an option as well as some personal training facilities located around the city.

If we work out in my home, what equipment do I need? You really don’t need any equipment in your home. I bring all of the equipment with me. I recommend having an exercise ball and a couple of dumbbells but that is not necessary.

What is your availability? My schedule varies week to week so it’s best to contact me regarding a schedule. If I don’t have availability, you can be placed on a waiting list or I can assist in finding a quality trainer for you.

What is your cancellation policy? I have a 12 hour cancellation policy which works both ways. If I cancel within the time, I will owe you a free session and if you cancel within the time, you will forfeit the session.

How long does it take to see results? Everybody responds differently to training so it’s impossible to predict ahead of time how quickly you will see results. While I cannot guarantee results, I’m successful because I motivate, constantly monitor progress and set goals which generally lead to very happy clients.

If you have other questions, try the “Ask the trainer” section

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