6 things to avoid at the gym (part 3)

5. Lat pull down behind the neck– this is an exercise which is dangerous for a couple of reasons. First of all, the behind the neck Lat Pull down is very bad for the shoulders. Pulling behind the neck puts unnecessary stress on the rotator cuff muscles because it well beyond our natural range of motion. Over time, this excessive stress can lead to a major shoulder injury. The second problem is that people often injure themselves while doing this exercise by hitting their occipital bone. This is the bone in the back of the cranium which sticks out.

Alternative: an alternative to this is to do a pull down to your chest. It works the lats just as well without stressing the shoulders.

6. Abdominal frame- unlike some of the other things on this lost, the abdominal frame is not something that will injure you, it’s just a useless piece of equipment unless the person using it is very weak. Like many other devices marketed as being able to give it’s user washboard abs, the abdominal frame is used by many. The problem is that it allows you to use your arms as a guide through the movement, which takes much of the strain off of the abdominal area. If the goal is to get a good abdominal workout, this is very inefficient.

Alternative: A great alternative to this would be to do regular crunches. While they are harder, you will target the abs directly and not be using them passively as with the abdominal frame.


One thought on “6 things to avoid at the gym (part 3)

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  1. It makes my abs hurt. As in being exercised (during), and as in having been exercised (later).

    Definitely not weak. Definitely accustomed to abs work.

    Conclusion : Not uesless.

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