Posted by: ryangeorgefitness | March 10, 2009

Exercise of the Week- Triceps Kickbacks

Exercise Name- Triceps Kickbackstric_dum-18

Muscles used- Triceps (Primary Mover), Lats (stabilizer)

What it’s good for- Triceps kickbacks are a great exercise for developing the triceps. This exercise shouldn’t be done with heavy weights but light to moderate and try to concentrate on the movement and really working the muscle.

Start- With one knee on a bench place the same arm on the bench in front of you. Make sure your back is parallel to the bench and that the abs are tight. The arm with the dumbbell should start bent at 90 degrees with the upper part of the arm glued to the side.

Movement- Simply extend st the elbow and slowly control the arm back to the starting position. Make sure that the upper arm stays glued to the side throughout the movement and that you don’t move from the shoulder.


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