In Home Personal Training Tip (Increase the heart rate)

When it comes to in home training, the lack of equipment can pose a bit of a problem when trying to get a good cardiovascular workout. Most apartments will not allow you to do any running or jumping so as a trainer, it is necessary to come up with creative ways to increase the heart rate. One way to do this is to use a form of circuit training. In this form, the trainer chooses 4 exercises, 1 upper body, 1 lower body, 1 abdominal/ core and 1 total body exercise. Have your client do each exercise back to back with little or no rest in between. Have the client do about 12-20 repititions of each exercise. When one series is completed, have the client rest for one minute and then start another series.

Feel free to mix and match exercises, reps and rest periods.


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