Exercise of the Week #1 (Side Bridge)

Description- The following exercise is a personal favorite of mine. It’s the Side Bridge. This exercise is great for a number of reasons. It is a tremendous core exercise as it strengthens the obliques. According to studies, the side bridge gets the highest level of activation in the obliques.

Muscles Worked- Internal and External Obliques are the prime movers with the lower back muscles as well as the rectus abdominus and TVA assisting with stabilization.

Starting Position- Lay on one side with your feet, hips and elbow in line and touching the ground. Feet can be positioned one on top of the other or the top leg behind the bottom one. Body should be straight with the shoulder flexed at 90 degrees.

Execution- One repetition is completed when you lift your hips off of the ground with your elbow and feet still touching the ground.

Tips- This can be done for repetitions or isometrically (held for a period of time).  If this is too hard, you can bend the knees and lift up from your knees instead of your feet.

Side Bridge


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