Personal Training (One on One)– I offer one on one personal training sessions specifically tailored for you to meet your goals. Each session is an hour long and combines strength training, cardiovascular training, flexibility and functional training. These can be done in the comfort of your home and I bring all of the equipment to you. [click for more]

Personal Training (buddy packages)– I also offer buddy packages for couples of friends looking to work out together. These sessions are a great value as you are able to get the same quality as the one on one sessions but at a better price per person. [click for more]

Sports Training– If you are looking to increase your athletic performance or that of your child, Sports Specific Training may be right for you. These sessions are designed to increase your fitness as it relates to a specific sport. In addition to increasing performance, this is also meant as a means of training injury prevention. [click for more]

Flexibility Training– Our society is conducive to bad flexibility and posture. Flexibility sessions are meant to improve your alignment and muscle balance. [click for more]

Fitness Assessment and 3 month workout Program– This service is great for someone unable to work with a trainer on a regular basis but looking for some professional guidance. I well conduct a comprehensive fitness assessment and design a 3 month workout program to meet your personal goals. [click for more]

Virtual Personal Trainer– The virtual trainer is for anyone who needs help designing an exercise program. After filling out a comprehensive fitness profile and questionnaire, I will design a program specifically for you. [click for more]

Group Exercise– Here you can find unique group exercise classes designed by me, they are innovative and intense workouts for all fitness levels. [click for more]

Services for Fitness Professionals

In Home Personal Training Course– This is a one on one course for any personal trainer looking to enhance their business and broaden their potential client base. You will learn important techniques to use for working with clients in their home. [click for more]

Personal Training Sales and Marketing– This is a one on one lesson designed to help trainers use their passion for fitness to generate leads and increase sales. [click for more]

Consulting– With over 5 years of management experience in the fitness industry, I have the knowledge and expertise to help any fitness department increase sales as well as the quality of the Fitness Training. [click for more]


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