Sports Training

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Sports Specific Training is perfect for adults and children looking to increase specific areas of athletic performance. With any new athlete, I take their sport and look at the different fitness components important to the particular sport. The athlete is then tested using state of the art equipment as well as video analysis and a program is designed specifically for the athlete and the sport. This type of training is meant to increase performance by improving power, speed, agility, quickness and coordination but it is not, however, a replacement for good coaching.

1 session- $95* buy-now.gif
10 sessions- $90 (per session)
20 sessions- $85 (per session)

* in order to purchase one session you must live in Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn. I can guarantee that we will meet at a convenient time for you within 2 weeks of purchase but I cannot guarantee a regular recurring appointment until after the first session.

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