Personal Training (Buddy Package)

picture-067.jpgWith a Buddy Package friends and couples get the advantage of a one on one package with a better per person cost Buddy packages are best suited for people with similar goals but I can work with almost any combination. You get all of the benefits of one on one training as we go through assessments and monitor your progress regularly. I am also very experienced with this type of training so you don’t lose much attention even with a second person.

1 Session- $130 ($65 per person)* buy-now.gif
10 sessions- $120 ($60 per person)
20 sessions- $110 ($55 per person)

* in order to purchase one session you must live in Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn. I can guarantee that we will meet at a convenient time for you within 2 weeks of purchase but I cannot guarantee a regular recurring appointment until after the first session.

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