Monthly Payment option

If you chose to go with the monthly payment option, here are some of the most important things to consider.

1. Cost. The monthly package rate is the same every month (with the exception of the first month which is pro rated based on the time of the month). The only time that the rate may be altered is if there is a change in the number of sessions per week or if I cancel any sessions during the previous month.

2. Payments. While payments may be made using a check, cash or a credit card, I will need a credit card on file and all payments must be made no later that the 5th day of the month (for credit card payments, charges will be made on the 1st. Monthly payments are made for the upcoming month and not the previous month.

3. Scheduling appointments. All monthly clients must have a set time and day in which they are training weekly.

4. Cancellations and rescheduling. Clients are guaranteed a certain amount of rescheduled sessions. This number is equal to the number of weekly sessions times 4 for every year (from the beginning of the program). So a person who is training two times a week is guaranteed 8 rescheduled sessions over the course of the year. While the monthly rate wont change in the event of a cancellation, I will guarantee a time to reschedule the session. Please note that cancellations that fall outside of the policy (12 hours) cannot be guaranteed.

5. Altering and discontinuing the program. If a client wishes to alter or cancel their monthly package, I simply require 30 days notice prior to the changes taking place.

Please contact me with any more questions


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