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 Fitness 101



With so much contradictory information out there, putting together an exercise program can be overwhelming. The purpose of these sessions is to educate clients on the fufundamentals of fitness. The sessions are meant to take out all of the guesswork and misinformation and replace them with a solid foundation to work with. In the end, clients are provided with not only an exercise program but an understanding of what they are doing and why they are doing it.

*Please note that I do not have a gym or physical location. Most of the sessions are done in home or at a home gym. There are other options depending on a few things. Sessions can be done outdoors if the weather permits. Additionally, a fitness facility can be used at an additional charge of $25 per session. Finally, I have access to a studio, for free, in Ridgewood, Queens.  

How it works

Fitness101 packages consist of 3 sessions.

Session 1- Baseline information. This is an over the phone consultation. This session is used to gather information. We cover health history, exercise history as well as goals and expectations. This is a comprehensive consultation.

Session 2- Fundamentals and fitness evaluation. This is an in person session. During this session, we will cover basic fitness terms and ideas. We will also cover things that are specific to your goals and exercise history. Finally, this session also consists of a comprehensive fitness evaluation.

Session 3- Basic movements, program design. Based on the results of the first two sessions, this session will cover basic movements as they relate to you. Additionally, we will go over how the basic movements translate into more advanced and complex exercises. We will also go over program design which will allow you develop and modify your exercise programs in the future. Finally, you will finish the session with a 3 month exercise program designed for you but with the knowledge and ability to modify and make changes as you see fit.

Types of fitness 101 packages

Fundamentals- This is the basic package. This is recommended for even the seasoned fitness enthusiast.

Advanced- This package is for the seasoned fitness enthusiast. If you have a good knowledge base and are looking to change things up or take your workout to the next level, we can work towards those goals here.

Sports specific- This package is for athletes looking to design a fitness program that compliments their sport. Every sport has its own fitness requirements which means that a fitness program should be complementary to the sport. In this package, we cover the fitness components specific to your sport and how to enhance them through your fitness program.

Flexibility and movement- Posture, flexibility and movement are extremely important to long term quality of life. This program is designed to teach the fundamentals of flexibility and movement and together we will design a program meant to correct any imbalances and develop efficient movement.


– 1 Phone consultation
– 2 in person sessions
– 3 month custom fitness program
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