New Book

Doorframe Pull-up Bar Workouts

by Ryan George


Available now!!!!!

Doorframe pull-up Bar workouts is a new book by Ryan George focusing on exercises and workouts that can be performed in home. The only equipment required is a pull-up bar. The book contains over one hundred exercises and can be used by anyone from beginners to athletes. Buy it here

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If you have purchased the book and would like the blank templates and extra content, click here.

Official Description

The most popular home-gym equipment in the United States, door frame pull-up bars are remarkably effective for toning the body and building muscle. Doorframe Pull-Up Bar Workouts is the ultimate guide to maximizing the use of these inexpensive, easy-to-use, and highly versatile workout tools.
With exercises that go way beyond simple pull-ups and chin-ups, Doorframe Pull-Up Bar Workouts delivers day-by-day workout regimens that tone and shape the entire body. Hundreds of helpful photographs illustrate how to develop ripped abs and obliques with hanging crunches and supported sit-ups; build pectoral, shoulder, and back muscles with a range of inclined and decline push-ups; and tone and build the arms with a range of pull-ups and chin-ups that effectively isolate individual muscle groups for maximum results.

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